Aulas de Canto Sao Paulo –  Estudio Vocal Raphael Begosso
- Since 2008 -


Voice specialists

We are specialized in voice training. We will set a customized lesson plan for you and keep track of your vocal development.

Vast experience

Since 2008 we’ve been preparing  more then 400 singers for shows, recordings, lives, events or to sing for friends and family.

All over the world

You can study with us online from anywhere in the world. From your home, your office, while you are traveling or just before your event.


We use a professional customized hardware and software solution for your best online experience. Enjoy high quality streamed audio.

Get off the drawing board

Start a YouTube vocalist channel

Be an Instagram or Facebook singer influencer

Prepare for recordings, lives, shows and events

Sing with ease for friends and family

Raphael Begosso

  • – Vocal coach, composer and producer

Raphael Begosso has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition and Conducting from Universidade Estadual Paulista, the best Music University in Brazil. As a top student of his class, he was granted a scholarship from CNPQ and was invited to join a scientific research group called PET. Raphael has worked as a director, arranger, and producer for many vocal groups and choirs. His group CantaMais performed around São Paulo and was invited to appear on a TV show called Programa do Jô (you can find it on our YouTube channel). He studies voice since 1998 and he is a vocal coach since 2002. Raphael also studied piano, guitar, and choir at Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo (former ULM). One of Raphael’s great mentors is Brett Manning from Singing Success – a method used by many famous Grammy, MCA Awards and Dove winners like Hayley Williams (Paramore), Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Mark Kibble and Claude Mcknight (Take 6), Michael Barnes, Luke Bryan among others.

Your journey

Everything starts with the first session: we perform a simple test with your voice and plan how we are going to study.


We keep track lesson by lesson of your development.


Every 3 months we perform a performance evaluation.


Just as you have learned how to walk, how to speak and how to drive, you can learn how to sing too.


We believe that the best way to train your voice is a one-on-one session, with constant supervision while you sing.

Video call coaching

We use Skype, Zoom, Google or Facetime along with a high quality audio solution we have developed.

FREE lesson recording

Every lesson you take with us is recorded. We are able play the scales on the piano while you sing.

  • One single 50 minute lesson
  • Vocal check up
  • Solve specific issues on one song
  • Book after the purchase
  • Perfect for busy schedule people
  • PayPal Payment

$ 25

(per lesson)

  • Four 50 minute lessons
  • Continuous follow up
  • Improve a series of songs
  • Perfect to book 1 session per week
  • PayPal payments
  • Recurring payments every month

$ 80

(per month)

  • Twelve 50 minute lessons
  • Prepare for shows and recordings
  • Drastically improve your voice
  • Perfect for the committed singer
  • PayPal payments
  • Recurring payments every 3 months

$ 250

(per 3 months)